Technical Decisions and Challenges in Creating Side Bird
SolosMay 28, 202301:24:28

Technical Decisions and Challenges in Creating Side Bird

Hey there! So, in this awesome podcast episode, I got to interview Lillian, a super cool 21-year-old computer science student and part-time developer at a startup. We talked about her background, experiences working in a startup, and her journey as a solo project creator. It was so interesting to hear about the challenges of working in a corporate environment and the benefits of being a solo creator. Lillian even shared some tips on keeping organizational structures simple - so helpful!

We also got to chat about some of her amazing projects, like creating an NFT marketplace and monetizing her Twitter automation tool. And let me tell you, the technical aspects of Side Bird are seriously impressive. We even talked about conversion rates and analytics tools - so much to learn!

But, of course, we also talked about the importance of taking breaks. Gotta keep that work-life balance in check, am I right? Overall, it was such an informative and engaging conversation, and I think everyone can take something valuable away from it.


Cloudflare workers:
Lending AI:
Split Bee (conversion optimization tool):
Charge Bee (payment tool):
Logsnag (analytics tool) :