Building a Business on Shopify: Lessons Learned
SOLOSJune 11, 2023x
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Building a Business on Shopify: Lessons Learned

Hey there! So, in this awesome podcast episode, I got to interview Matt, who is an amazing Indie maker.

He shared his journey as a developer and his experience building Shopify apps.

It was so cool to hear about how he started coding at a young age and pursued a classic French path to become an engineer.

Matt was super honest about his failures and successes in building Shopify apps and even gave some great advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

We talked about the importance of tracking data, understanding metrics, and mitigating risks when building on top of a platform like Shopify.

Matt also emphasized the importance of starting small, focusing on solving a specific problem, and staying up-to-date with the platform's updates and trends. Overall, it was a super fun and informative conversation!


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